Last Friday was Spencer's pinning ceremony.
It was a formal way of welcoming the next group of students into the clinic,
and leaving the lecture phase of school behind and becoming 'student interns'.
A good feeling for Spencer,
for our family.

It worked out so nicely
 that Spencer's mom was able to be there as well.
Spencer had his three girls there cheering him on.

The speaker beforehand
gave a speech about what it means to be a chiropractic student
and a chiropractor.
There were several little snippets that I liked,
but the one that seems to have stuck with me
is that they are not students who are chiropractors upon graduation,
but they are becoming chiropractors. 

It was so  cool to see them walk across the stage,
have their clinicians dawn them with their white coats,
then formally receive the purple UWS pin that they wear on the coats in the clinic.
It was emotional to watch Spencer,
and some of his classmates who have become like family to us,
walk across that stage. 
I felt so proud.

Here's to a new phase -
of school and of our life.

We are so proud of you Spencer!

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  1. CONGRATS Spencer!!! We are so proud of you and all your hard work!!!


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