Today I Like Monday

In general,
I am not particularly fond of Mondays.
The carefree, lazy days of the weekend are over.
Spencer is back in school,
and on Mondays he only has one hour off at lunch.
I think she is very happy to see her daddy
when he comes home just before 6.

Today, however,
is a bit different.
The Christmas tree is up
giving the place a happy glow.
Claire and Michelle C. had a Target date together,
which allowed me to do some cleaning.
Now Claire is napping peacefully in my lap,
giving me a moment of peace to write this post
before I begin cleaning and organizing again.

To top it off and make it a truly exceptional Monday,
our dear friend Edolbina arrives on the train tonight.
Spencer is going to pick her up around 9:oo and bring her back to me!
She will be here with us for a few days.
I am so excited to have her here to cuddle with me,
to cuddle with Claire,
watch movies, go to MOPS with me,
drink tea and visit.

Today I like Monday.

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