It's the Weekend!

So I know this is not the clearest photo ever,I just used Google to help
me find this image. Spencer and I were driving this morning and we were in awe
at how amazingly beautiful the Coastal Mountains are. The sky was blue and clear and before were snow covered peaks as far as the eye could see. We could even see Golden Ears. Absolutely breathtaking. I will never take advantage of the beauty of where I grew up here in the Fraser Valley, however I have a new sense of appreciation for it every time I return 'home'. We really do live in a beautiful city. We have come home to celebrate Travis' baptism tomorrow. This weekend we are in Delta and have been enjoying the company of our friends and family here. Monday Claire and I head to Abbotsford to visit with friends and my side of the family. What are your plans for this weekend? 

Here are some fun things from around the world wide web. Enjoy!

An amazing photograph of Saturn. Can you believe our God created this? 

Fun idea for Christmas: presents in a jar.

So we know the real Thanksgiving has already happened, but American Thanksgiving is next weekend. Wouldn't this stuffing recipe be simply delightful?

A bit of Dr. Seuss wisdom for you.

This Cowboy Casserole looks simple and delicious.

For those who love camping - a really fun website!

Google the word "askew" and see what happens. It's a pretty fun party trick.

These look amazing - who wants to make them for me?

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  1. I think we should use the dressing recipe for Christmas.


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