Have A Fabulously Fall-ish Weekend!

Weekend Update:
Spencer had 4 exams this week. Exams are never ending here.
Yesterday I made Vanilla Pear muffins. They're a hit.
The Christmas boxes have been pulled out of storage.
Today is Remembrance Day. Lest we forget.
Sometimes while nursing I like to 'surf the net'.
And sometimes I bookmark funny/interesting/pretty things that I want to show you.
Here are a few. Make sure you click on the links {you can click through them pretty quickly.}

  1. LED slippers. Genius! 
  2. This picture reminds me why I hate the ocean.
  3. Gorgeous iPhone case.
  4. Fun nails for the holiday season!
  5. Oh yum. I heart avocados and grilled cheese.
  6. Snowflake and stripes
  7. "Relax, I was just kidding."
  8. I have tried the top suggestion and it works. 
  9. I'm in the kitchen, want a sandwich
  10. Speaking (writing?) of sandwiches....
  11. This is so simple and lovely. 
  12. Have you seen this video? It's hilarious!
  13. Communication is crucial.
  14. Oh, so that's what that really means.
  15. .... I don't have a # 15... so enjoy this photo instead!
{Claire's first visit with Santa Claus}

1 comment:

  1. A few things:
    A) I can't get over those slippers and feel like I would be making up excuses to get out of bed at night ALL the time if I had me a pair.
    B) I'm pretty sure you were craving sandwiches last night.
    C)Do you wonder what kind of technology we'll be so clueless about when we're their age? The thought scares me.
    D) Miss you!


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