On Fatherhood

Last week on A Cup of Jo's blog she had a friend report his side of the story regarding the birth of his daughter and what it is like being a dad. Inspired, I decided to do this as well. We often hear Mom's side, and dad's rarely speak so openly about their side of the story. Spencer was patient enough with to sit down and talk about his take on Claire's birth and fatherhood. Not only that, he obliged when I asked/told him I'd be blogging this information. What a guy.

Describe the moments surrounding "The Beginning" (when my water broke). What were you doing/thinking/feeling?

I was in bed. I was really tired. I didn't believe it was happening. More disbelief, like surprised.

What was it like for you watching your wife in labor?

Ummm, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. It seemed natural. I was proud.

What surprised you most about your wife in the whole process? What do you admire about her now?

I didn't that she'd handle the pain well, {thanks.} so I'm amazed at how well she did. She was very focused. I admire the strength and determination she has.

What were your thoughts as you saw Claire's head, and then body emerge?

Disbelief that this was actually our daughter. And couldn't wait, anticipation, to hold her. Even when she was all gunky? Yup.

What were you feeling the first time you got to really look at Claire?

So thankful she was healthy and disbelief that she was really ours.

What was your first instinct after she arrived and knew she was okay?

I was torn between staying with Michelle and going to see her.

What surprises you most about fatherhood?

The love you can have for your daughter - your child. 

What are you looking forward to most?

Seeing how she develops and what kind of girl she'll turn into.

Thanks Hun! I loved hearing your thoughts. I know I couldn't have done it without you, and I still can't. Being a parent is hard work and you are my biggest support,encourager, cheerleader. I love ya. Kiss! xo

{photo credit to Michelle Cervo Photography }

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