God You Reign

This morning at church I felt overwhelmed
with how great our God is.
Singing worship
"God You Reign"
I felt my entire my body tingle with emotion.
Tears were in my eyes as I sang praises.

This past week it felt as though
I was hearing bad news, upon bad news.
It made me hold my family so close 
and hand out plenty of hugs and kisses.
Life is so fragile.

A friends grandmother in the hospital,
a friend's uncle passed away suddenly,
a little girl from my MOPS group
who took a terrible and possibly lethal fall from
her dad's shoulders to the asphalt.
(She was injured, but is okay.)
A friend of a friend who was in a 
terrible plane accident and his life 
is hanging in limbo.

Then after my heart was so heavy for
these people, for their families
we heard word that a friend
collapsed suddenly while playing basketball.
His heart just stopped.
We don't know why,
we may never know why.
Things weren't good,
we prayed and prayed.
Begging God to spare his life.
To help him to recover fully,
praying against death, brain damage,
whatever the possibilities are.
Yesterday we learned he woke from his coma.
Not only that but he is talking!

We serve a good and gracious God.
I am so overwhelmed by his mercy this week.
Whenever my mind drifts into the
"what-ifs" and "could'ves" my mind stops
and directs it back to how God worked in these lives.
We may never know the answer to the many questions we have,
the looming "Why?!"

But I know without a doubt that these are miracles.
Just because Jesus doesn't walk the Earth today,
it does not mean He is not present and working in our lives.
Just like we read the miracles He performed thousands of years ago,
I see them being done here.
Healing, preventing the "could have been" from being,
all to direct us back to Him.
He deserves the glory,
He gets the glory.

Just as fervently we prayed for these miracles
to happen,
we need to pray more in thanksgiving.
Thank you for holding Simon in Your arms,
healing him.
For protecting that little girl as she fell from her dad's shoulders.
It could have looked so differently.

When times are tough,
when things go wrong,
isn't this when we spend the most time on our knees?
God brings us to it,
He bring us through it.
Let's not forget to thank Him
for the blessings we have,
even in the darkest hour.

Recently I saw a poster
that read,
"What if you woke up tomorrow
with the things you thanked God for yesterday?"
I need to spend a lot more time on my knees.

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  1. Thanks for this, Michelle. I'm in the same place as you this week. Bad news after bad news. God holds us in his hands.


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