One of our favourtie ways 
to keep Claire in contact with her family
is Skype.
I know this is no knew invention
and that people have been "Skyping" for yearrs.
But we never really had a reason to
.... until now.

We Skype with
Nana and Papa,
Grandpa and Grandma,
Uncle Tyler,
Uncle Travis,
and Uncle Matt and Auntie Lauren.
Sometimes with Angela,
sometimes with Jessi and sometimes with Edolbina, too.

They can see how she
how she changes
and hopefully she will be able
to recognize their faces and their voices.

Nana and Grandma 
can read her stories over Skype.
Family can give her puppet shows, too.

For now,
she seems to time her meals
(I feed her on demand)
to when we Skype.
But every once in a while
she turns on her charm and will throw out 
her smiles,
on just be content.

She is starting to try and focus on the computer,
although I'm not sure what she sees.

I love technology!
And as my brother said,
"Why would anyone pay for long distance?!"
Its true,
and there's no video!

Here she is Skyping with Grandma.
And HERE is Nana's point of view Skyping with Claire!

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