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Top 5 Things I Never Really Understood About Motherhood Until Now:

1 - Babies eat ... all. the. time.
           I seriously knew that, but I never understood it until I had a human attached to me this often. Wow. Eat. Burp.Sleep.Poop.Repeat.

2 - Mother Bear is a real thing.
          The need to protect is instinctual. I never realized how STRONG it was until she arrived. When she was in utero, I wanted to make sure she was healthy and developing well. But when she was born, I got this weird alteration of the brain where I knew I would never hesitate to kick someone's @$$ if they hurt her.

3 - I am awake at 3 am.
          By this I mean, when I start hearing her lookin' for a boob, I am awake. It doesn't take me an hour to wake up like it used at anytime before noon. Its like an instant alertness, very strange and very unlike me. I am tired, but not sleepy.

4 - Nursing happens anytime anywhere - and you need to be ready.
          First off, let me say I have been EXTREMELY blessed to have a baby that latched on perfectly from her very first time at breast. But other then that, nursing happens anytime, anywhere. I have learned two lessons from this. One is that life stops to nurse, and two is that life doesn't stop to nurse. Okay, I know that doesn't make sense. Let me explain.
a) Okay, first off I am not a person that can sit still. Watching TV, or a movie - If I'm not sleeping I'm moving. Changing positions, fidgeting, reading a magazine. So in this way, I have learned to just gather some things, prop up some pillows and sit. It can take up to 45 minutes for her to nurse, so might as well get comfortable. (This has also lead to an addiction in a few TV shows - Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Bridezillas and of course re-runs of Friends and Gilmore Girls.)
b) When out and about (because I need to get out and about) Claire gets hungry. This means that I am becoming skilled at lifting up t-shirt, undoing bra and putting Claire in the right position while holding her AND under a "hooter hider". Walking, window shopping, eating and nursing lying down.

5 - Finding time
         This little one knows what she wants, and your undivided attention is one of them! Studying? Look at me Dad! Showering? Hold me Mom! Making dinner? Feed me Mom! Many times I have fed, burped and rocked her to sleep. Just when I am sure she is in a deep slumber, I lay her down in her bed. Sneak out of the room and sit down on the couch. Just as I log into my email/begin to read a blog/pick up a magazine/get the kettle boiled...she wakes up. When moms said they hardly had time to shower I used to think "okay, sure". But it really is true! I've learned to just bring her in there with me. She loves it! Balancing time is hard. When she is napping I often find myself debating whether to fold the laundry, or just sit for a moment and catch up on Facebook/Twitter/Blogs, read or just put my feet up with some (iced) tea. I have become quite a pro at power cleaning.

         It really is a tough job, but the most rewarding. I have realized I never gave moms the credit they really deserved. Mutli-tasking, prioritizing, organizing and in all of that just trying to find five minutes for yourself. To have a cup of tea, read a page or two or maybe soak in a bubble bath, even just for a few minutes. Its busy, and it will only get busier, but I love it and I am so confident that this is exactly what I was cut out for.

For you moms out there -What was your biggest lesson learned in motherhood?
How did you find time to balance baby's needs, husband's needs and making sure there is clean laundry?

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