Sprung A Leak

Monday after lunch
I noticed that there were some soaking
wet spots on the carpet near the fridge
and the entrance to the kitchen.

I didn't think much of it,
assuming that Spencer just spilled a bit
while pouring himself a glass of water.
I soaked it up with a towel.

A couple hours later
I walked down the hall again,
stepping on the same soaking wet spots,
and some more wet spots.
Then I was suspicious.
I put down a towel.
Which was also soaking some time later.

We brought in the troops
(the maintenance men)
to come take a look.

Spencer and I had 
already moved the fridge
(okay, he moved I looked),
checked around the dishwasher,
and in the bathroom under the cupboards.
No pooled water.
No water appeared to be leaking from
upstairs either.

The guys checked the same things and guess what?
They found the same results.
Spencer figured it was in the wall,
and guess what?
They came up with the same results.
This is when we said "yay for renting".
And left them to the fixing.

For two days we had some
guys in our space,
who made lots of noise and 
unhooked my dishwasher (gr!).
They tromped in here with tools,
dirty shoes and watched TV over my shoulder.
(They seemed rather interested in my chick flick...)

But for now,
the leak is fixed and there is a whole behind my dishwasher.
(And the spiders are moving in!)

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