Chai Thai

The last couple of days I have been
attempting to induce labor.
Not with a real 110% effort or anything,
as my due date is still 2 1/2 weeks away,
more like little nudges to encourage her.

Yesterday's attempt was walking around Ikea.
A more difficult task then I thought.
When I go with Marissa and Michelle,
we wander.
I love to wander,
but it is supposed to be effortless.
Not so with a large watermelon hanging from your front.
The walking caused a few contractions,
(I have also mentioned her many movements
during ANY kind of shopping adventure.
...girl after mama's heart...)
but nothing too crazy.

Then after an afternoon of swimming,
we decided to get some spicey thai food 
from our local and cheap Chai Thai.
The woman there supposedly
had a baby 2.5 weeks early herself not too long ago.
(I say supposedly because she never looked
pregnant and doesn't look like she had a baby.
However, it would explain her 2 month absence.)
She gave me a container of extra chilies
for the Pad Thai,
which I had already ordered medium spicey
(which to us white folk is SPICEY.)

I dumped about 1/2 the container
onto my egg noodles,
then downed several glasses of Iced Tea
and a glass of milk.

It was as if the extra spice didn't even phase her,
and she was saying to me,
"Ha! Bring it on Mama. You're going to have to try a little harder then that."

So tonight I'm
making Pioneer Woman's 
I'll keep you posted.


  1. Ha! Ha! You crack me up! I tried everything in the book last May to induce a baby. Then I gave up, sat on the couch watching TV AND THEN she arrived! Good luck!

  2. haha, I went to Ikea on Friday as well, but it wasn't an attempt to induce labour. It was trying walking around though...so I'm finding when I go out anywhere.


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