I Have Issues, This I Know

while walking hand in hand
around the golf course with my
adorable and handsome husband,
I thought to myself
"This is a perfect day."

Despite the fact that 
I was having contractions
(just practice!),
despite the fact that I was waddling,
despite the fact we were lapped by several people
walking and running,
it was beautiful.

The sun was out,
and there was a nice cool breeze.
It just reminded me of this month,
a month where its warm,
but slightly cool.
A month where leaves begin to turn,
but we can still go swimming.
And suddenly it came upon me
and I thought 
"I can't wait for September."

I said it out loud.
Then Spencer told me I have issues.

I know dear, I know.

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  1. Ahh, September. I heart September! And now you've put me completely in the mood for bright, crunchy leaves, fall boots, cable knit trows and tea. Never mind back to school shopping--one more thing to look forward to with kids!! This dreary day we're having up here helps, too!


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