History of Rap, Part 2

I feel like all I have to say
revolves around Little One
and how she's not here.

We are just waiting.
We go about our day,
our evenings,
our nights.
But every moment is hinging on
just waiting for regular contractions
to let us know
its "Go Time".

My intuition says 
the end of next week.
Spencer has his bets placed on
July 29th.

For now,
I keep my mind occupied.
I've been trying new recipes
(Pulled Chicken, Toffee Cookies...)
doing lunges and squats,
watching movies
(Lincoln Lawyer, Horrible Bosses)
and finding things that will make me laugh.

Here is a perfect example.
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake
The History of Rap, Part 2.
Click on the link to watch.
Some of you will appreciate it,
some if you won't.
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - History of Rap, Part 2 (7/19/11) - Video - NBC.com

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