My Encyclopedia - H

Clockwise from Top Left:

- Howard, my husband's father. 
Also known as my father-in-law.
Also known as the "Godfather" to that sweet girl and her sister.
Soon to be the grandfather.

- Holland
My husband's "motherland".

- Hot dogs.
Don't know why,
but I love them.
It's my guilty pleasure.
Even as a kid my birthday dinner
requests were either hot dogs or tacos.
I'm a weirdo, I know this already.
But you can remind me if you want to.
These are my favourite,
Trader Joe's all-natural uncured beef hot dogs.
(the photo shows the chicken ones, they're good too)

- Hanson.
This is me with them in the background 
back in September 2008.
I was elated that they were in Vancouver.
There are other embarassing photos of me doing embarassing things,
like crying
(crying? who cries at concerts? 12 year old girls, that's who!)
and with the biggest, cheesiest grin ever.
(cheesy grins? who does that anymore?)
I've been a fan since 4th grade.
(Also, here's a horrific reminder of my near-Hanson experience last September)

- Haiti.
My dear friend Angela took this photo
of a sad little boy she came upon one day.
Isn't he cute?
My heart is drawn to Haiti,
has been for a long time.
but God's put Haiti on my heart.

- Hot tubbing in the snow.
This is not a photo of our hot tub at Sunpeaks,
but can we just all agree that there is nothing better
then sitting in the hot tub with snow laden trees as a background?
I especially love it when its super cold,
snowing and the boys are drinking beer and smoking cigars.
That smell combined with chlorine with always be nostalgic.

- Hawaiian islands
Never been, would love to go

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