Update for you

So we are currently borrowing (wink, wink)
internet from someone else in our building 
and it's not a very good connection
It takes WAY too long to upload pictures
So I am sorry to say you will have to wait
until we get our own wireless in here
before I blog pictures.
I know a few of you have asked 
to see some pictures of our place
And I promise you,
sooner then later!
Maybe a video, too

Friday we finished cleaning 
by early afternoon,
and had some meetings throughout the day
to finish things off in Canada
And I was getting just GIDDY for the 
Hanson concert that night.

Edolbina arrived that afternoon
We got ready and took the train downtown
We had a gyro for dinner and headed towards 
the Commodore Ballroom.

What happened after that,
I won't even TRY to describe.
My day went from great to bad
 and level of disappointment was 
to great to try and sum into a few measly words.
To break it down, I was a day early for the concert.
For some reason, right from the beginning
I had in my mind that the 25th was a Friday
so I didn't even think to double check my tickets
that clearly said
SATURDAY, September 25.

Standing outside the Commodore Ballroom
I didn't know if I should cry,
punch the brick wall
(thankfully, I opted out of that one)
or just sit on the side walk in a heap.

Edolbina did a very good job of comforting me
She knew as much as the next person
how much I'd been looking forward to that night.
Was there a better way to say farewell then to go
see Hanson with Edolbina?!

We lazily walked the streets of downtown
Popping in and out of shops
Occasionally with me moaning
And wanting to scream at myself with frustration
We grabbed a pumpkin spiced flavoured beverage
and hunkered down at a sidwalk cafe
and people watched and talked
She made me laugh,
which was what I needed.

Spencer, Howard and Diane
offered for us to leave on Sunday instead.
So kind of them, but we had prepared too long and too hard
for that Saturday morning.
I just couldn't do it.
I had seen Hanson a year ago,
and I am so thankful for that experience.
I knew that my wish to see them live one day
had already been fulfilled.
I knew we had to move that next morning
and I came to terms
that the show would go on without me.

The next morning we left Delta 
at about 7:15 am
Car, truck and trailer loaded with
everything we own heading down Hwy 99 towards the USA
We arrived at the border at about 8 
and were on the other side a half an hour later.
The process could not have gone smoother!
Our prayers were answered and it went so well.

We were asked one question at the border
and when Spencer briefly explained our situation
we were directed to park and go inside to the Immigration Office.
At that point we received a text from the 'rents that they
were through and waiting for us in Blaine.
Wow! Praise the Lord!

Spencer and I went inside and waited in a short line.
The friendly officer completed our paper work
and didn't even look through all of our 
financial documents we were required to have.
We were in and out in no time.
The drive down was smooth as well
No real traffic jams or back ups and 
we made it to Portland in 6 hours.
That includes two stops for coffee and lunch.

By mid-afternoon we had everything unloaded.

God is good.
He is so, so good.

Our place is wonderful.
The grounds are kept beautifully,
the managers are professional and friendly.
Our apartment is bright, spacious and opens to a grassy yard.
We are close to a grocery store
and live in a beautiful neighbourhood.

God is good.

We had a minor hick up with our
washer and fridge.
But all is well.
Our washer/dryer is brand spankin' new
and I get a brand spankin' new fridge tomorrow.

God is good.

We found a church that is just down the street
that we are going to check it out on Sunday.
This evening we went for a nice walk
just up and down the streets in our area.
Everyone we met along the way seemed friendly.
There is a school in the area,
so it seems like there are quite a few families.

Spencer has his first day of school Friday
Our neighbour is a new graduate of UWS
and said if Spencer had any questions
just pop over and ask
(Maybe that's whose internet we are "borrowing"?)

Spencer and I got ourselves cell phones.
There are smokin' deals in the states.
So we are now reachable beyond email

We are looking forward to exploring
our community and new city

So far, so good my friends.

Keep in touch



  1. Welcome to this side of the border!!! If I come to Portland, I'll be sure to let you know!

  2. Must get passport! So happy for you two! Enjoy Portland. Also, my heart broke a little about the concert. Hopefully Hanson reads this blog and they feel sorry for you and do a concert in your living room :)

  3. I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you.

  4. Hi :-) ... well. after my ordeal, someone commented and sent me this link to read your own tale :-). Glad to know I'm not alone ...

    And it wasn't the Commodore Ballroom - it was in Abbotsford. Close enough :-).

    ~ tawn from Vancouver.


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