The gift of friendship is priceless.
a wonderful gift to our family,
has been a wonderful support to me
throughout my pregnancy.
Not to undermine
the advise from my mom,
mother-in-law and friends 
- it is all appreciated.

But for a new mom,
having a friend who just had 
two baby girls
and is raising them
to be wonderful little girls,
I drink up her advise like
a thirsty wanderer in the desert.

She gives real, honest and candid advise
and comments on day to day life
of parenting and all things under that umbrella.
I respect her opinion
because I see first hand 
how wonderful her girls are.
I love watching her and Ben with them.
Love is very evident!

Thank you for 
always being so honest with me.
From pregnancy, to birth,
to raising babies and toddlers,
you have always told the truth,
and I have never felt that you have lead me astray.
You don't make out that it is all
easy peasy pumkin pie,
but you also show me how
beautiful and wonderful
day to day life is, too.
You have many times calmed my nerves
when I get overwhelmed 
about being giving birth
and becoming a mother.
You make it seem so effortless!


  1. Can I just say, I love my sister???!!! I'm glad she's a sister to you, too. :o )

  2. Aww, thanks! You shouldn't have (honestly). Truth is, you're going to be an awesome mommy! Trust me! I'm telling the truth... the BEST of the BEST! :) AND to make things PERFECTLY CLEAR... it's anything but effortless, but EVERYTHING wonderful and blessed! LOVE YOU, dear friend!


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