Thursday's List

1. Today I tackled the spare room
... again.
It's kind of a one step forward, two step backwards kinda thing. Y' know?
Eventually I will take some pictures of it. We are hoping to paint this weeked. Maybe after that?

2. The Canucks won
This makes the series 3-1 for the Canucks. Win one more game and we are onto the Western Finals.
{In other news Brian, our dear neighbor, so kindly bumped me from my first place in the hockey pool.}

3. My Easter flowers Spencer bought me are on their way out.

This Star Gazer lily remains.

4. Everytime I see a new baby I want to hold it...
and kiss it, and call it mine.

5. Can we all just agree on one thing?
Tea makes everything better. Even good days better.
I believe that World Peace will be achieved over a cup of tea one day.

6. I made Knock You Naked brownies today.
I changed the recipe slightly.
I can't be a direct Copy Cat, I need to be my own person.
Instead of using German cake mix, I used Betty Crocker's fudge cake.
Oh, and I didn't use caramels. Too much wrapping just to unwrap
(that, and they didn't have them at Target.)
So I used Milk Duds instead.

They are killer. I am practicing some intense self-control here.

7. Tuesday night during the Hockey Game
(us girls can multi-task!) Michelle and I painted our nails.
Then I spent the day cleaning, and organizing,
and now they are chipped. Humph.

8. When Spencer and I first came to Portland
we visited the Saturday Market.
We saw this onesie and it made us laugh.
Then we got pregnant and had to have it.
Okay, I had to have it.
We think we're so funny.
{Correction: I think I'm so funny. Spencer shakes his head at me.}

9. Yesterday Marissa twisted my right arm,
then my left and made me buy these Swedish Fish.
In my defense, the pack was small.
This is how many remain:
That was this morning.
Update on remaining Swedish Fish.
Hey, at least I'm not eating the brownies like that!

10...Is there a #10?
Sunday is Mother's Day. DON'T FORGET!


  1. "made in portland"
    you're awesome. that is funny!

  2. haha.. I can be blamed for the missing Swedish fish.. Don't judge.. I have a sweet tooth ;)


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