The sun is out,
and seems to have made 
up his mind to stay the whole day.
We plan on BBQing tonight
and watching the Canucks game.

This afternoon I opened
the door to the patio.
Time to get it ready to use!
I put out the chairs,
set up a little corner
for our charcoal grill.
It made me excited to
sit out there drinking 
(none of this American iced tea.)
and read a good book,
just enjoying the sunshine.

I also went through
our camping gear 
and made lists
(one of my favourite things to do!)
of what we have,
and some things we need to get.
All this sunshine and thoughts of summer
made me want to get out there
and use our camping gear this weekend! 
Try out our new extra roomy tent,
and eat hot dogs cooked on a fire.

We are going in 17 days for 2 nights,
but I can HARDLY wait that long! 

What are your favourite summer activities?

These photos are of Cape Lookout State Park, 
where we will be camping in a couple weeks.

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