{Fake} Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

Oscar Meyer Wiener fingers... Fat Lady fingers....sausage links....

I've heard it all. And, oh dear, it's only May! What will I do in July, when temperatures reach the summer highs and I retain water like a camel?! 

My wedding ring has left a distinct and defined
red indented line on my finger.
Which once fit comfortably,
even loose some days,
is now cutting off the circulation to my left ring finger.
After fearing I would dislocate my finger trying to take
my ring off one day,
he decided it was time for me to get a new ring.
So today at Target
I was proposed to for the second time
with a band made of precious plastic gems
worth a whopping $10,016.
{Minus the 10,000}
I said yes.
But only because I am bearing his child.


  1. yep, i remember those days. with elijah, i wore my rings around my neck! with oliver, i was shocked that my rings fit throughout my entire pregnancy!

  2. yaaaaa, you got a band!! So happy for you, and sorry about your terrible headache!


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