Made In His Image

This morning at MOPS
they had a panel of moms
asnswer questions on a variety of topics.
It was so interesting to hear 
each woman's journey into motherhood
and the ups and downs that it has brought.

Each mom said some profound things
that really made me think.
However, this one mom in particular
said something that hit home with me.

She is expecting twin girls in 5 months.
After having a son already,
she said the biggest difference 
expecting daughters is how she has 
been thinking about her own insecurities
and praying that her daughters won't have the same
struggles she did.
The examples she gave were of
how she always thought she had big thighs,
her struggles with acne in high school,
and how far apart her eyes are.

She says she thinks these things throughout the day:
"I hope they have their dad's eyes, I hate mine."
"I hope they don't have to work so hard at being thinner like I have had to."
"Oh, I hope they don't struggle with acne. That will be so hard for them in school."
"I hope at least one of my daughters is tall and lean like her dad."
All these thoughts swirling about in her mind.
She talked about how she has fallen into these
lies that the enemy has told her.
And ultimately,
the thing she hopes for the most,
is that her girls will not fall for the same lies.
But be confident in who they are,
and who God made them to be.
And if they do inherit mom's 'thunder thighs',
that they will know that every part of them
was made by a God that loves them.
And they were made in His image,
just as she (the mom) was.

It was interesting,
because I have found myself thinking
from time to time that I hope Baby Smid
doesn't inherit certain physical attributes
that I do not like about myself.
But it is so true,
because no matter what,
she will be so beautiful
to her dad and I,
and to her Heavenly Father.
And it doesn't matter what she looks like,
or what she does,
our love for her would never falter. 

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  1. she will be gorgeous inside and out just like her mama! xoxo w


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