A Pregnant List

Five Things I Love About Being Pregnant :

1) Feeling the baby move inside is really fun. Especially because it is something that just her and I have. Sure, you may be able to feel the odd kick and bump, but those little squirms and wiggles and just between us. I love feeling her wake up shortly after I do, and settling down for bed time. I love her random spaz attacks, and the poking games we play.

2) My Wardrobe. Being pregnant and growing means new clothes! I can never justify buying a whole new wardrobe on a regular day, so it was really fun to buy some staple pieces that I love. Embracing horizontal stripes, jeans with elastic waist {!} and those cute belly accentuating tops that are in style. Some pieces I have received as hand-me-downs which is awesome, too. I actually love my pregnancy wardrobe better then my non-pregnancy one!

3) Belly touching. It's funny, because this is the most common complaint I here from pregnant women, but I love it. I am actually a little sad that people don't touch it as much as I'd like, if you can believe it. So go ahead, reach out and give it a pat. I tell people it will bring them good luck. Only one stranger has done that to me so far, and that was bit weird. But if I know you, go for it. My 'Love Language' is physical touch, so those belly rubs are welcome.

4) Seeing kindness in strangers. Just like being around babies, you can't help but smile when you see a pregnant lady, right? That's how I was anyway. It is so sweet to hear encouraging words from random moms at the grocery store, smiles from passers by on the street, and inquiries from strangers on the train. Last week, the demo lady at Trader Joe's even offered to pass on all of her extra chlorine-free disposable diapers to me!

5) Getting treated first class. "Here you have my seat." "You can sit in the front." "Let me carry that for you." These are just a few things I hear often. Although sometimes I feel bad for getting treated with extra care because I don't feel huge and uncomfortable yet. It is still very sweet, and I am sure I will appreciate it even more in a month or two.

Five Things I Am Looking Forward to Post Pregnancy :

1) Sleeping however I want. I feel like I have just gotten used to sleeping on my side. Although sometimes I find myself waking up on my back. For a tosser-and-a-turner, I truely look forward to flailing around again.

2) Social drinking. Though friends and family appreciate their perma D.D. {designated driver}, it would be nice if I could enjoy a cold apple cider once in a while, too.

3) Being able to tie my shoes easily. I can still reach my feet - even bend over at touch my toes. However, when I do this, I have to hold my breath. This means tieing the knot, coming up for air, tiring the loops, coming up for air. Then repeat for the other foot. This counts for leg shaving, too. One strip up, take a breath and repeat.

4) When toothpaste will stop reminding me of throwing up. Do I need to explain this one? Oh, and the big yellow bowl, too.

5) Waiting at the doctor's office every 4 weeks. This is getting mundane. Just give me the doppler and your scale and I will call you every 4 weeks with my weight (minus about 5 pounds, probably) and the baby's heart rate. Each time we go, nothing really seems to change and we are in and out in 5 minutes (not including the wait time, of course.)

After getting over morning sickness, I have been blessed with a blissful pregnancy. As of right now (at 6 months) I feel like I will miss being pregnant.


  1. Oh, how I miss those wiggles, kicks, and hiccups!! I tired so much of waiting for the doctor week after week only to have him tell me "You've gained more weight" that I insisted on using a midwife for our second babe and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.

    Up here it's covered as part of your health care but it could very well be different down there. I would definitely encourage you to at least look into it if/when you have another baby. Even if you just go for one appointment and decide it's not for you.

    I never, EVER went feeling like I was going just to see the scale go up some more. They explain every test and scan and encourage you to make your own decisions based on what's best for you and your baby. It's amazing to feel so in control of your own medical decisions!

    So glad you're enjoying this special time with Baby Girl! We need to get together next time you come up!

  2. Love it. Thanks for giving the inside scoop!

  3. wow! i came on to recommend a midwife too... looks like Lisa covered it :)


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