Hockey Pool Update

This is the chart of the stats and rankings of our hockey pool....

1Michelle (8)210662103
2Jordan (8)165551601
2Abby (8)165551605
4James (8)156221503
5Brian (8)147441403
6Justin (8)1110001116
6Marissa (8)1110331125
8Spencer (8)1011221003

Take a look at who is first, and who is last.

That's right, baby!

{I gotta rub it in while I can right? Keep in mind I've only beat him in Scrabble once, so this is major bragging rights for me!}

1 comment:

  1. you rock, speaking of scrabble Howard had 3, 7 letter words last game... yeah that's right 150 points just on Bingos. Us Smid girls have to stick together!!


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