On Saturday Spencer and I had the honour
of attending Coco's 3rd birthday party.
The theme was pink,
can you tell?

Sharla reading Pinkalicious.
A book about a naughty girl
who eats too many pink cupcakes and turns
pink, and then red.

Yay for pink!
{sidenote: This little boy Owen stole my heart and made me so excited to have a boy one day.}

Just kidding.
Coco and Graci,
along with the famous Nora (on the left)
who Coco has so kindly named our baby after.

Graci spending some quality time
with The Godfather.

Pink Velvet cupcakes.
They were divine.
Nice job with the sprinkles Spencer.
Getting practice for when we host our own pink party in a few years?

Making a wish.
The shades help.

Owen shows us how to properly eat a cupcake.

Woops, he dribbled pink on himself!


  1. PINKALICIOUS????? I'm going to have to read that book when I go visit. . . . . . :o ) Thanks for sharing!

  2. LOVE Your photo of Blowing Candles & the dribbled frosting cracks me up!!! Also thrilled that you now have a photo of your baby's namesake! :) LOVED having you!

  3. Wonderful photos! Thanks for making my day!


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