I did NOT inherit the 
adventurous gene my Uncle Tim
was given.
He is always out doing something
that has us biting our nails in fear.
For many years,
he has been leading treks to
Mount Everest in Nepal,
and has decided that after only a couple more
trips he is done with the mountain.

Don't be mistaken,
it's not his looming 50th birthday
that is holding him back 
from climbing the world's tallest peak,
he simply has other things in mind now.

You can check out all his 
occupational adventures at 
He and his team are there now,
preparing for their climb up Everest 
in two days.
In the mean time
he meets with those he has 
come to know as friends,
enjoys the culture of Nepal
and prepares his team for a memorable journey
up the many facets of the mountain.

Every time he leaves
I am just a bit nervous.
But I know he is expereinced,
well trained and many people
trust him as their guide.

Please pray with me for their safe return!

{ Pictures from his current trip that he has posted on Facebook. }

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