Back and Forth, and Forth Again

Well, well
We had our monthly check up with the OB this morning.
All is well on the baby front.
My Quad Test came back
and all looks well. 
So did my ultra sound.
Praise the Lord!
On the Mama front,
she is going to keep a close watch
on my thyroid levels 
as my T4 was great,
but my TSH was a little high.
Nothing to worry about,
just going to keep an eye on it.
It may mean my meds need to change,
but hey, it's normal for women who are pregnant
with Thyroid Disease.

Baby's heart rate was 146 beats per minute,
and once again, she was moving like crazy.
These past two days she has been having a party.
Spencer and I want to know what she is celebrating!

You may remember that I mentioned 
the Ultra Sound technician mentioning my
due date being July 28?
Well, after the visit with Doc,
she said she is going to change it back/keep it the same
- so August 2nd it is AGAIN.
I don't mind, it's all really a guess anyway.
She was saying it could be anywhere from
3 weeks before that, to 2 weeks after.
It's all up to Baby Smid!

Here is a picture of Baby Smid
with a small pineapple next to her.
She weighs just around 1 pound
and is anywhere from 10.5 to 12.5 inches long.
{ 23 weeks, 1 day }


  1. Perfect! I'd love to share a birthday with baby girl. Aug.2 sound just perfect!

  2. Loving the baby bump still!

  3. glad everything went well. Our baby has been moving like crazy the past few days too...maybe it's just what the rest of the pregnancy will be like:)


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