Nesting At Its Best

The last few days I have been in a tizzy.
I guess this is what you call nesting!
Making the bed each morning
(something I haven't done consistently
since I lived at Mom and Dad's),
doing piles of laundry,
purging our "junk" and donating to good will.
Organizing the closet
and baking.

did I mention that I completely
reorganized the spare room?
I am talking moving the bed,
moving my vanity into the spare room
and the desk into our room.
It feels good!

I have officially decided what to do
in the nursery.
Combining the vintage feel that I love
and the bold colors
I think I've come up with something fun.
Do you remember my original inspiration?
Well, with that combined with this room/house
{I LOVE that yellow door!}
the room is complete... in my mind.

Our friend and neighbor James
bought a can of grey paint
to paint his bedroom
and he is going to share it with me.
So I will use that color
to paint one wall of 
the nursery/spare room.
Against this wall will be the change table,
some shelves and a chair for nursing.
I have been collecting some funky frames
which I will paint a fun yellow colour,
and frame those witty sayings and alphabet posters
you see in the above two blogs.

The crib will go in the corner of the room
against the other wall.
I am going to get some
cheap and fun Chinese lanterns 
in various sizes to hang above her crib.
Right now,
I am debating whether or not
to keep them all yellow
(maybe different shades of yellow)
or do a few colors.
Edolbina is in the midst of making me
some bunting (or flags) that I will hang up as well!
Perfect way to complete that "vintage" feel.

Either way,
I am very excited
about it.
I think it will be fun,
the right amount of girly,
trendy and still suitable for a spare room.
Oh apartment living! 

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