Sleepless in Se-... Portland

See that Giant Green Slug in my bed?
No, a curse was not put on Spencer...
nor was he kicked out and replaced
(although this Green Slug happens to like
cuddling a lot more.)

This is my new pillow.
It's a body pillow.
One that is SUPPOSED to help me sleep.
For me, sleep has been a battle these days.
I thought that this body pillow was supposed to help.
When it isn't being tossed on the floor,
or shoved down by my feet,
I curl up around it,
putting it between my knees 
hugging it.
Supposed to relieve pressure off 
the hips and lower back.
If I could ever get comfortable enough to sleep that way!
It seems that ever since I was told
that I can no longer sleep on my back...
or my stomach....
all I want to do is sleep on my back and stomach!

Can someone send some 
magic dust to sprinkle?
Does anyone have the Sandman on speed dial?!


  1. Ahhhh! I was the same way! And I've never even been a back or tummy sleeper but that's all I wanted when I was preggers! Good luck!

  2. Michelle! Hang in there, Sweetie! The day will come and you will sleep again... but, then you'll only get 2-3 hour stretches between feedings. Oh! So Much to look forward to! :)

  3. i loooove my body pillow when i'm pregnant!! its pretty much the only way i ever get a good nights sleep!


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