It's Human

I am happy to report
that according to the images
on the world wide web,
at 16 weeks our child within is 
looking more and more human.

It's eyes and ears
are in their positions.
His legs are longer than his arms,
and her head has evened out
a bit in proportion to her body.

He is making facial expressions now,
frowning and smiling.
She can make fists and do somersaults.
Apparently between 15 and 20 weeks 
you can begin to feel the baby moving.
They say the movements will be subtle,
and you may question if its real.

Well, I am apprehensive to report,
but I think I did last night.
99% sure.
It is unlike any feeling I've had before,
it felt very similar to 
popcorn popping inside of me.
Or a fluttering feeling,
like someone released butterflies.
Very low, about 4 inches below my belly button.
It would come and go for about 10 minutes.

What do you think, ladies?
Do you remember what you felt
the first few times you could feel something inside of you?
It is rather "alien",
and I really hope that is it.
{Be careful, you may burst my bubble.}

This morning in the forums I read
for August due dates,
one mom-to-be posted an internet quiz.
It is a bunch of old wives tales that you answer to.
For example, is your hair growing faster...
Are your nails longer and stronger...
Are you carrying high or carring low...
Then they calculate your answer and 
give you the % chance of the gender they think it will be.
I got 60% chance its a girl.
That isn't much higher then 50%,
so I am not holding my breath.

What do you guys think?
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice?
Or Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails?


  1. Im still holding out for triplets...jk. either way, im beyond stoked. love you and your belly!

  2. I think GIRL!

    Amy felt like someone one blowing bubbles inside popping on my tummy!

    Michelle!!!!YOUR HAVING A BABY, eeks!!!!

  3. hey Michelle, last night was the first time I really thought I felt the baby & it felt just like you described. Exciting times:)

  4. sounds like that's what you felt! for me it felt like tiny tapping inside me, below my belly button just like you said. and there is no question when you feel it - you just know.

    now it's more like giant kicks and waves that I'm feeling these days. a few minor rib jabs too, no biggie. :)


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