I Need A Life/Gap Gift Card/A Baby to Dress

Today, while searching for maternity shorts,
I got a little distracted
when I arrived at the GAP site.
Instead of clicking on maternity,
and then sales,
I clicked on 
and then New Arrivals.

Soon I was drooling all over the keyboard
Oggling at the cutest outfits.
I wish they made some of these in adult sizes!

Before I knew it
I was clicking 
"add to my cart" 
in all the sizes of all the clothes I loved.
Not actually intending to purchase 
any of these items.
I was just curious to see how much it would come to.
A lot.
A lot, a lot.

to save my marriage and my wallet
(and my child from wearing the same
outfits from 0-12 months
in both genders)
I saved these images
and made collages instead.
Now I can share them with you.

Oggle with me,
won't you?

- For a sweet little girl -

- and a darling little boy -

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