A Valentine Kinda of Day

Today it rained,
but I didn't mind.
It's Valentine's Day!

Michelle and I changed our plans.
We went to Ikea and had a romantic
99 cent breakfast and
roamed the show rooms and marketplace.
We grocery shopped and visited Target.

Oh, and I treated myself to that cupcake
I've been craving for days.
Poor Spencer asked for half,
I hesitated for a good moment for two,
but ended up sharing it with him!
What kind of Valentine would I be 
if I didn't share my cupcake with my Cupcake?

Red Velvet cupcake from Starbucks.

In the afternoon,
I got to watch the little honey
while her mommy did some 
Valentine's Day shopping of her own.
Isn't she a doll?

I quickly realized that we have A LOT of baby proofing to do!
Thankfully my Tupperware drawer kept her occupied for a while.
I was supposed to be doing some housework,
but we didn't get much done. 
Who wants to do housework when
a cute friend like this is visiting?!

Spencer came home and we 
exchanged mushy cards and gifts.
He gave me this gorgeous rose bush
(if anyone know how to take care of it,
leave a comment below to help me out!)

I got him a bag with some of his favourite goodies,
(including ice cubes trays! He despised our old ones.)
along with our very own Scrabble board game.
Now we don't have to play on Facebook!

After a divine meal that Spencer made me
(while I took a bubble bath),
we played Scrabble,
drank tea and snacked on
chocolate dipped strawberries.

How did you spend your Valentine's Day?
Did you drink wine and watch TV with friends?
Spend it curled up in bed with the one you love?
(Or a really comfy pillow?)
Either way, I hope you felt loved!

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