Passionate Pink

If you've been reading my blog over the years,
it's no secret that I love Valentine's Day 
Next to Christmas, it is my favourite holiday.
Cynics out there call it a "Hallmark Holiday",
and while that may be true,
for a romantic like me,
there is no better day to shower the ones you
love with cheesy cards and cinnamon hearts.

Whether you can go all out
with a dinner cruise on the river,
dine in expensive restaraunts and lavish
your lover with expensive gifts.
Or you are on a budget and must get creative
with your telling of great love,
it is such a special, blissful day.

This year, my eye is drawn to pink
and I am loving the bright pop of it
against white, or black,
or mixed in with a variety of other romantic colours.
Mix in some glitter and you've got one happy girl.

When it comes to Valentines Day,
I am easy to please.
A cute hand made card,
a simple red rose,
some chocolate (is almost a must),
or just a kiss and I love you
(and maybe an ice cream cone on the side).

Happy Almost Valentine's Day


  1. Cupcakes get me everyyyyy time. Happy Almost Valentine's Day to you too, Michelle!

  2. LOVE it! I have been surrounding myself in all things pink as I plan a pink party for a friend's bday-so fun!


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