Here's the Evidence

Here is the photographic evidence of our week of girly fun in Disneyland.
I wish I could send the warmth of the sun through the blog,
the taste of the churro and the thrill of the rides.
But this will have to do.

Our first day, about to enter the park, tickets in hand.

 Inside Pirates of the Carribean. I tried to 
get a photo of the Jack Sparrow, but it didn't turn out.

 Paradise Pier in California Adventure Park.

Mom and Lauren on Screamin' California.
A wicked roller coaster, and one of my 
favourite rides.
A bit too crazy for the Little One though. 

We found this crazy mirror in a shop and
had way too much fun with it. 
We were laughing until there were tears in our eyes. 

Not so flattering, but gave us lots of laughs. 

From this P.O.V. Mom has no body! 

Here Lauren and I sport our stubby chubby fingers and legs. 

 These juicy oranges hung from the trees taunting us.

Mom and Lauren on the Tower of Terror.
They didn't give it that name for no reason!
I am pretty sure Mom doesn't love it as much as I do.
This was another one I sat out on, 
didn't want to risk baby's life to plummet 
down an elevator shaft. 

Paradise Pier at night. Doesn't it look magical? 

A collage of pictures from the fountain show called
World of Color.
It was amazing.
They even used the misted water as a projector screen
to show clips of movies.
We had front row and barely got wet. 

Meeting Mickey!  

We did a walk down a carpet to meet some of the princesses.
We met Jasmin, Belle and the princess from
A Princess and the Frog. 

And just outside Sleeping Beauty's Castle
we met Snow White. 

Just inside the front gates of Disneyland. 

At a Bug's Life 3D show. 

Mom and Lauren in the Tea Cups.
Too spinny for a girl who already battles nausea.  

King Arthur's Carasol. Looks so pretty all lit up at night. 

Sleeping Beauty's Castle.
Looks so magical all lit up!
The fireworks show is right above it,
even Tinkerbell flies around! 

On the last day :(
We are in a ride that is kind of like the swing ride,
except we are sitting in a big rocket ship.

On the flight home,
L.A. is all lit up. 
Looked very cool. 

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