Right This Second...

... I am recovering from a fun-filled Disney week and a jam-packed weekend
... getting used to weather that is below 20 degrees Celsius
... craving a cupcake with LOTS of butter cream icing
... finding that my bra is getting a little tight
... very tired and ready to sleep in my own bed
... catching up in cyber world; blogs, emails and of course, Facebook
... looking forward to our  visitors this weekend and praying the Packers win the Super Bowl
... excited to sleep in tomorrow
... did I mention I am getting an hour long massage for $10 tomorrow? Excited for that too!
... getting used to this little bump and excited for when it is actually cute looking
... Valentine's Day is just around the corner... what does Spencer have up his sleeve???
... we have another appt.Wednesday with the OB, hoping to have an ultra sound so I can see Little One again.
... still craving toasted sourdough... how long will it last?
... my right leg is asleep from the knee down
... I will not be unpacking tonight
... I will also not be doing any laundry
... I will step right over it and climb into bed

Good Night

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