So Done, and Ready to Say Adios!

Today I had a salad for lunch,

I am SO beyond ready to kick first trimester out the front door and say good bye
 for at LEAST another two years.
Done with anti-throw up meds that I only throw up.
Done with being tired.
Done. Done.Done.

Right now I am 11.5 weeks and I am PRAYING
(a desperate cry)
that I will be one of the 80% who can say "adios" to all the
fun things that First Trimester brings
and feel better in my Second Trimester.

Just needed to get that out there.


  1. awww, i'm sorry your first trimester has been so sucky!! i'm hoping your second trimester goes much better!

  2. So sorry your feeling so yucky. We are praying you feel better soon
    Love you bunches

  3. ick! sorry to hear you're feeling bad. though I didn't have morning sickness, I was pretty nauseous and gingerale, fizzy water and pbjs were my best friends during the 1st TM.

    just wait till you reach the elusive 14 weeks. that's when EVERYTHING was better for me! hang in there lady!


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