12 Weeks

12 weeks today.
I have been told this is not the "Magical 12th Week" 
so I shouldn't hold my breath.
I am also not going to waste time
continuing to moan about not feeling well.
I refuse to give my queezy tummy the fame of being on my blog.
But God, if you read my blog, 
please help ease my afternoon/evening sickness
so we can party like its 1999 in Disneyland next week!

The new water show at California Adventures

We leave Sunday morning,
bright and early,
to head to California!
I have heard its nice and warm there.
Rumors of 80 degrees 
(about 25 for my fellow Canadians)
which is warm enough for me!
Although, I wouldn't complain if it got up to 30!

A little piece of me cried when I heard
Splash Mountain would be closed.
It is one of the rides I can go on,
one of the rides that always reminds me of Disney,
and offers a refreshing splash of water on a hot day.

Lately, I have been dreaming
(literally, pregnancy brings on some whacked out dreams)
of the Jungle Cruise.
I love the super corney jokes the "tour guides" tell.
The awful puns that still bring a smile to my face.
Hopefully we can spend an afternoon at the hotel pool
relaxing and swimming.

I am saving up some $1 bills
to treat myself to a $10 stick of deep fried dough rolled in cinnamon sugar.
(Also known as an over-priced Disney churro)
Or perhaps an ice cream sandwich in the shape of Mickey's head.

Today, while eating my third slice of toast,
I actually debated packing my loaf of Sourdough.
I have been loving this indulgence every morning,
and just can't imagine going a week without it.
Though I am sure when the time comes,
I will have overdone the toasted Sourdough,
and the phase will have passed.

Even though I am tempted to sit here
on this grey day,
searching the Disney website
munching on another piece of toasted Sourdough...
I have three mountains of laundry to climb and chisel away at.

Here's to a grey day,
and dreaming of Sunny California.


  1. when i was pregnant with my first the only thing i could eat for weeks was turkey sandwiches on "squirrelly" bread with greens in it. then just as quickly as it started the idea of them repulsed me; so i come home one day and my dh sweetly has one all made for me and i'm like. that's disgusting why would you make me THAT?!?
    lesson... don't stock up on sourdough it may become revolting ;)

  2. yep, pregnancy definitely gives you some weird dreams...i've had a few doozy's of my own!!! hope you feel better for your trip!


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