Needle Nerd

Lately, I have been crocheting. 
I am by no means good, but I am having fun perfecting my stitches.
Right now I am working on what I hope will be a little blanket.
For my baby, or someone else's, we'll see.
It takes me 23 minutes to do a row of 200 stitches.
Those of you who knit or crochet regularly are probably giggling.
But that's okay. 

Once I feel confident in the simple stitches I am doing now,
I would love to learn one or two more 
to give my projects a bit more panache.
I would also like to learn to make more 
then a blanket or a scarf.

Today on one of my favorite blogs,
Unruly Little Things (who is from Portland B.T.W!)
she posted some adorable crocheted creations
 from an Etsy creator xmoonbloom.
I hope to one day be good enough to make some of these too!
Here are some of my favorites... 


  1. I'm impressed! Something I have always wanted to learn!

  2. when i was pregnant with Elijah i attempted to crochet a blanket. i failed. miserably! lol, i hope you have better luck than i did!

  3. eep! you have to post if you create one. I'm still working on my blanket but hope to start the fox as soon as I'm done.

    p.s. are you in Portland? hip hip hooray!


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