Have I Mentioned I Love Pressies?

After we announced our pregnancy,
we have been blessed with gifts for our Little One.
People are so generous with
their hugs, congratulations, advise and gifts.
My favourite piece of advise thus far
was when Whitney's Aunt Tracey told her kids
"Children should be seen and not heard!"
(With a smile on her face, of course.)

I wish I could share each little present
that is for Little One,
but I don't want to bore you.
(Who am I kidding? I probably will anyways!)
Yesterday I received some cute things for Little One
as well as for Mama.
accompanied with this hilarious card
(that also makes me a tiny bit sad that it will be a reality this year.)
And these two maternity tops from Whitney for my birthday.
(Also kind of scares me that I will be filling out that saggy tummy area this year.)

{ Christmas AND New Years photos soon-ish }


  1. your going to be the best mama EVER. baby-in-utero and out.THE BEST!

  2. you MUST check out this baby room for some great ideas...pretty much the cutest thing ever!


  3. I'm SO excited for you, little mama! Wish I could have seen you over the holidays to congratulate you myself, but know that I love you very much!


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