A Very Unglamourous Birthday

Not that I ever have huge expectations for my birthday.
I think I am pretty low key when it comes to celebrating January 4th.
In fact, if the whole day went by and all I got was a kiss and 
a whispered "Happy Birthday" from my honey, 
I would be more then okay with that.

What actually happened on my birthday though,
I am SO not okay with.
Not that I had any magnificent plans.
Unpack from our holiday,
put away the Christmas tree and some light laundry.
Instead, I spent most of the day sleeping,
aching and some other far from lovely details I will spare you from.

In a half comatose state I muttered a prayer for me to just feel better tomorrow.
Not so lucky.
I managed to roll from the bed to the couch.
Here I have remained all day.
In fact, just writing the this blog post has used up all my energy.
So until I feel better,
I bid you adue.
Happy New Year everyone.


  1. praying you feel better soon
    Miss you both

  2. So sorry you are not feeling well. Praying for you!


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