The End of A Decade

As you are all well aware,
today is the last day of a year,
of a decade.
As we head into 2011,
I am doing today what many of you are doing:
reviewing the past year.

If you read my blog regularly,
You know as well as we do that 
2010 brought many BIG changes and surprises.
When I think back to January,
it feels like forever ago when I think about 
what has happened between
now and then.
But then, at the same time,
it oddly feels to have gone by with 
the blink of an eye.

January was one of the hardest
and possibly one of the most life changing months.
It was the month that we found out
that the options for Physio school were over for this year.
It brought hardship and disappointment for Spencer.
I am thankful that my mom was there
to help speak some sense and encouragement
into a difficult situation.
Within 12 hours - one door was closed,
and all the windows flew wide open.
All the sudden the sun shone threw
and cast light onto a new possibility.
Spencer said he heard God's voice almost audibly.

That is what lead us just 9 months later 
to Portland, Oregon.
What an amazing adventure.

But let's not forget all the time in between that.
There was my 15 month struggle with my hypothyroidism.
Many doctors visits, and days when I felt sicker then I ever have.
There was the death of my co-worker Janice,
and the recent death of Papa.

There were many positive things that happened in 2010,
many that outweighed the negative.
We went on a fabulous holiday with the Kroeker's.
A summer camping trip,
Matt and Lauren's wedding,
as well as Edolbina and Andrew's.
There were some big changes for me at my job.
Graci was born in May
and Spencer and I got our own bundle of joy
in the making in November.

We had a successful move,
prayers answered with friends quickly made in Portland.
A cute apartment in an excellent location.
Many trips home this fall,
as well as many visitors.

What a year!
Looking back I feel so blessed!
We have so much to be thankful for.
Health, family, friends,
growth, adventures, a home and freedom.

I pray that as you look back on your year,
although I am sure you have had struggles and pain,
you too will be able to see the blessings you received as well
and give the credit to the One who deserves it.

We are looking forward to being with friends tonight
and ringing in a new year which will surely be better then the last.
I am so excited for this next year,
to meet our baby,
and to see what other surprises God has up his "sleeve",
because I know He's got a bunch up there for us! 

Blessings to you from the Smids!

My purchase to add to our "baby collection".
It gets me more and more excited!

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