My A-List

So today is Hump Day - Wednesday - middle of the week.
While enjoying my slice of toasted sourdough
(thanks for the tip CS, I will keep that in mind!)
it hit me that I am leaving for a week in just a few days.

Now I know my husband is wonderful
and completely self-sufficient (PTL!)
but I do like to put on the Good Wife Dress
(since I feel like I haven't been wearing it lately)
and prepare a few meals for him while I'm gone.
He loves lasagna, so I usually make a pan of that
and a pan of homemade mac n cheese 
and place them in individual containers and freeze them.
(*bow*bow, please, save your applause.*blush*)

In the midst of this panic
I took another bite of yummy toast
and remembered I need to try on my summer clothes
and try on my new Bella Band with my shorts.
Yes, I am getting to the point where I need to unbuckle the top button.
Also, my mom is coming, and despite Spencer making fun of me
Doesn't every girl like to make her house is clean
for her mommy?
Heaven forbid you run your finger along my shelves Mom!
So I have to make a list of things for Spencer to clean before the fam gets here.
Just kidding!
He does clean the shower for me though.
What a sweetheart. 
I usually use eco-friendly cleaning supplies anyway
because the bleach-y chemical-y stuff gives me a headache.
But in the shower I use the real deal,
and well, ya just can't use that when you get a baby on board.

Anyway, onto my A-List for today
(I sure took the long way here, didn't I?)

1. Under the stars... WOW
Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Joe (have you guessed how much I love her blog yet?) featured a wedding on her blog, this was one of the photos. Apparently its some ghost town in Middle of Nowhere, USA. I love how clear and bright the stars are in this photo!

2. Once again, from A Cup of Joe, this amazing and beautiful engagement ring... again- WOW

3. Found this amazing seller on Etsy and she makes these wicked eco-friendly travel cups with beautiful designs on them. LOVE IT!

4. On Smitten Kitchen today, this soup was featured...
Baked Potato Soup. Doesn't it look divine. Mmm.... I just might try and make it this week (depending on how Little One makes mommy feel. He/She/It likes to make me feel super icky around dinner time. Convenient!) If you want the recipe, click here.

5. Pioneer Woman is Talented Woman. Not only does she have a great blog with great graphics and hilarious writing... she has written a kids book about her ranch dog Charlie and has written a book about her adventures becoming a rancher's wife, called Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. You can read her story in pieces here. For her book, she basically re-wrote it and then it was published. Her writing (if you read her blog, you know) is witty and clever and will make you laugh. She isn't afraid to make fun of herself, which I totally admire, for a laugh.

There ya go... I know its only 5 things today... 
but I figured I wasted enough of your time babbling beforehand.
Now its time for me to be productive and get some things done around here.

Wish me luck...

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  1. like. like. like. Have an amazing time in Cali girlie!


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