Good Times, Bad Times

These past few days have been hard.
I know I promised pictures of Christmas,
but for now they will have to wait.

On December 28th we received a phone call
from Diane that Papa (her dad) had been taken
to the hospital by ambulance.
I am so thankful that we were in Abbotsford
when the following events transpired.

Spencer hurried to the hospital and met his grandpa there.
He stayed with Papa all except for 2 hours
where he came to eat dinner.
The difference between 6:00 and 8:00
that night were amazing.
No one could have guessed that
Papa would have gone to join Grandma just hours later.

Being there with Spencer
and his family was difficult,
but there is no doubt that the strength
we all had came from Christ alone.
And being there when someone
passes from the sinful world
we live in to a Heaven we can't even imagine
is both incredibly sad and an honour.

Although Spencer and I are devastated,
we also feel an odd sense of joy that he
has returned to be with Grandma
and is in the presence of the Lord God
worshiping among the angels.

Spencer and I spent our third anniversary
preparing meals for Papa's wife Anneke
and the guests that would be in and out of her home.
We spent our special day
picking out a casket,
sorting through a box of photos and
writing an obituary.

Not the anniversary we had planned
but let me tell you -
I would have rather spent my third anniversary
making these arrangements
than substituting weddings plans
for funeral plans three years ago.
I am so thankful that Papa has been with us
for that day, the days that followed
and today I am especially thankful
for his announcement of his next great-grandchild
to be at our Christmas gathering.

Spencer and I enjoyed a dinner out
Although there wasn't much
romantic conversation,
we held hands remembering times
we had with Papa.
And we collapsed into bed
 after a sleepless night and a very long day
and had the best sleeps we had in a while.

We are going to miss you - and you know that.
We are so glad you are with Grandma
You are free of a world full of pain and sin
We will tell our future son or daughter
of their loving and gentle great grandfather.


  1. wow michelle, i'm so sorry to hear this! i'm glad you guys had some great times with him, and that he is now up in Heaven with his Creator. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. What an honoring post. Praying. xoxoxoxo PS = much congratulations is in order -- your three years and bun in the oven!

  3. Michelle, So sorry for your loss. This post is SO special! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us. We are remembering your family in our prayers. We love you guys and are so happy about the baby-on-the-way! We are glad we got to see you both and also 'Papa' earlier this month!

  4. Thanks for sharing this. Pretty incredible that you were there for this heavenly event. I know it was hard, but what an incredible gift. God's timing IS perfect. Praying for you guys.


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