Right Now

Right now...

1. I am sitting in my PJ's drinking tea and reading blogs at Sunpeaks. Can life get any better?!

2. A couple things from A Cup of Joe blog : this amazing kids room and of course,
EVERY WOMAN needs a pair of these!

3. Lisa Leonard posted this fun craft - I just love the bright colours! 

4. Praying for Edolbina and Angela as they venture off to Haiti tomorrow

5. I am missing Darcy today. Wish you were here!

6. Looking forward to celebrating American Thanksgiving in Canada. Turkey dinner, yum.

7. Thinking of Tyler's big day tomorrow and feeling confident that he will kick some serious butt.

8. Layering on the lotions and body butters, my skin is so dry!

9. Grey Cup tomorrow - who is going to watch it? My loyalties are torn.
Side with Dad and cheer for the Roughriders?
Or side with Spencer and cheer for any team that plays against the Roughriders.
I think either way, I lose.

10. I made this pie from the Martha Stewart Show and I am looking forward to trying tonight.
I think it will be pretty delicious and probably chalk full of calories!
It just might be worth it.
Anyone have a treadmill I can borrow?!


  1. Wishing I was there too-I could definitely use a weekend getaway at Sunpeaks;)
    ps. I LOVED that kids room as well-such fun colors and patterns!

  2. As much as I do looove that ornament wreath with all those amazing coloured baubels, I would kill for that green wreath! Sooo beautiful! I love the red berries!


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