Snow Stirs Things Up A Little, Doesn't It?

we have a love-hate relationship.
I despise (no, HATE is a better word)
driving in it.
I love watching it sparkle as it falls from the sky.
I HATE that it makes me so cold.
I love how fresh snow looks, untouched, a gift.
I HATE when it lines the middle of the streets and parking lots
looking all brown.

Regardless of how I feel,
it brings about a bit of romance.
Don't you think so?
Something about the quiet,crisp air
as the delicate flakes drift down from the heavens.
As if each and every one was hand crafted by God.
I get excited when I see them land and I can make our their perfect design.

{Spencer and I - our first winter together}

There is the anticipation of the first snow fall
The thrill when you see the first flake falling down
Something inside of me reverts to a child full of joy
(Unless, however, I know I have to drive in it!)
The fresh air,
the sparkle,
the wonder of how each flake is uniquely created.

{ What do you love - or hate - about the snow? }

{Spencer and I on a walk yesterday}

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your "first winter together" picture! Beautiful!


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