What I Love Today...

1. Apples with cheddar cheese
is there a better combo?
oh wait... chocolate and peanut butter.
And Spencer and Michelle I guess ... 

2. New Adventures of Old Christine
she is SO funny

3. My phone that allows to me to call friends in Canada.
Kim, that made my day.

4. Parents in Portland
my mom is the hostess with the mostess, even at my house
and my dad played Bohnanza.

5. my Christmas tree
it's Christmassy, nuff said

6. old hymns
'Be Thou My Vision, O Lord of My Heart..'

7. warm, fuzzy sweaters and old, worn out slippers
Okay, so I desperately need to replace these ones, but they're dang comfy

8. All State commercials
Dean Winters as a teenage girl... I mean COME ON. Funny.

What other channel brings you a countdown to Christmas, Martha Stewart and cheesy, tear-jerking movies? Yeah, that's what I thought. God bless America.

10. my mittens
fleece lined and patriotic.

1 comment:

  1. I have the same mittens. they are rediculously comfy.


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