To Market, To Market

So we've come to an agreement
him and I.
He goes to school and studies during the week.
I feed him and clean up during the week
(not bathe him, he can do that himself.)
But Saturdays...
Saturdays are Husband and Wife days.
Okay, mostly wife days.
During the week I let my wheels turn
I keep my beady little eyes open
for signs, community events and fun stuff to do around Portland.
Then when Saturday comes we do them!

Last week when I was in the Hollywood District 
I saw a teeny tiny little sign 
advertising a Farmer's Market.

Despite the fact that Spencer 
dropped  the
"I Have To Be At School Saturday to Work On My Dead Person"
bomb, we made it in time to poke around for the last hour.
The market was simple,
but like I said,
totally up my alley.
Farmers's showing off their crops,
cheeses, meats and breads.

We bought Kale to make
(The things I do my my Dutch Husband, I tell ya.)
We ate Bratwurst for lunch
and bought a whole bunch o'
peaches to...
you guessed it - CAN!
*if you look closely, you can see the big rain drops*

Even though it was raining, 
(which I must add, made me turn
into a woman that looked like I had been living
in a bush for a week. )
we had a great time.

Afterwards we went to this really cool market. 
We both agreed it was like Choices on steroids.
It was called Whole Foods.
It was quite expensive.
Good quality items I am sure,
but outta my price range.
But let me tell you,
we sampled to our hearts desire.
100% Natural Ginger Ale in
Original Flavor and Pomegranate.
100% Natural Green Tea in a can.
Fresh pineapple, 5 Year Aged Gouda...
It was our post-lunch appetizer.
*we thoroughly enjoyed the sample of mulled apple cider. It suited the rainy day.*

Before we headed to the theatre
to see...
can you guess?
I'll give you a HINT
Yup! Spencer took me to see Life As We Know It.
Did we like it? liked it.
And yes, I saw you laughing Spencer!
If you see it, ladies bring some Kleenex.
That's all I'm gonna say.

Okay, as I was saying,
before we headed to the theatre
we drove to and around to
Mt. Tabor Park.
Kind of reminded us of
a very mini Stanley Park...
and not quite as pretty.
We might be biased..
that and there was no ocean.

We ended the evening with
the Canucks game....
I'm just gonna leave it at that.
Don't want to stir up any emotions.

Tomorrow we are going to
try another church
called New Hope
*cross fingers*
They are starting a series
called Guard Rails.
I listened to the series intro
and I listened to a message.
I have a good feeling about it.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. sounds like a great day! We were just in Holland & our friends made us that same dish with kale. It was yummy!


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