Can I do something cheesy?
Okay, thanks guys.

T - trees in reds and golds.
H- home, a new home.
A-Angela, Megan, Jessi, Edolbina, Michelle.... all of my wonderful friends....
N-New places, New faces, Meeting New People
K-Knowledge, Spencer's studies
G-Grace of God
I-Investigating and exploring my new 'hood
N- Never caesing to give thanks and appreciate all of our blessings
G- Guests who are making a road trip to come and visit

Okay, now let's be serious.
We really don't need to set aside 
a long weekend to tell one another
how thankful we are
or to count or blessings.
Because really,
we should be doing it daily.
And kudos to those who do.
It is so fun to get together,
eat, drink and be merry.

This evening Spencer and I were blessed
with a different kind of Thanksgiving company.
The Canadian Club at his school hosted
a big, beautiful dinner.
I brought my camera
fully intending to document
the evening with photos.
But I didn't for two reason.
First is that I ended up spending time
visiting and getting to know others.
Second is that I really don't 
know these people....at all.
I don't know how accepting 
they are of cameras being in their faces...
like my friends and family are.

It was good to get out for 
the second time this weekend.
To visit with other women 
who are their with the 
sole purpose to support their husbands.
I spent sometime talking
with one girl, Sarah
whose husband Ashely graduated with
Spencer from UBC the same year.

She was so sweet and 
willing to answer my questions.
She was just very genuine,
which I appreciated.
She gave me a good piece of advise.
She told me "When are you ever going to not 
do anything for two years? You have no kids,
just enjoy it and don't let anyone
make you feel bad for doing so."
She went on to say how she keeps herself 
busy, but also how she has really
enjoyed this time to just grow 
and support Ashley during these tough
years of his schooling.
And really, they are doing this 
for us, so that they can provide for us 
in the future.
Amen, sister.

We hope you all are enjoying your long weekend,
your families and your turkey dinners.
If you are reading this blog,
know that we appreciate you,
and we are blessed by you.


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