New York, New York

Do you ever get a craving to go somewhere?
Like an overwhelming urge?
Well, sometimes, okay often,
I get that for New York.
Especially at this time of the year.
Anytime from now until New Years would be the most ideal time.
Actually, let me correct myself, all the time
from now until New Years would be an ideal time.

I am not sure what it is...
but I can close my eyes and see Spencer and I
hand in hand walking through Central Park
Hailing a cab
And sipping martinis at a jazz bar
(Okay, I'll be sipping a martini and he'll have a beer.)

How long do you think I would last shopping in heels?
My bet is not long.
I'd probably opt for comfy sneakers.
Tromping my way through each floor of Macy's
with a Pumpkin flavoured drink in hand
Scouring through each item for knock off designer items.

I don't think I could ever live in the Big Apple
And if I did, I'd probably never actually call it that.
But when I'm visiting, you can bet
I would try to fit in and pretend like I was a regular New Yorker.
Apparently New Yorkers are unique.
I am not sure what makes them unique, 
so I'd probably get busted pretty quickly.

Usually, when I get these cravings,
all I have to do to ward them off is
watch this movie.
(Hellooooo, it's When Harry Met Sally.
It's a CLASSIC! And I must add, that Harry Connick, Jr. croons, too.)

It will tide me over until the time comes
when we really do get to New York
to hail cabs and drink martinis.

But I gots to tell ya's...
I don't know how much longer
my mind can be tricked!

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