And It Appears

We survived week one!
Today is Friday.
I know what you're probably thinking...
something along the lines of "Duh!"
Well, it may be small, but it's an accomplishment.
We made it through the first week of school/stay-at-home-wife.

It wasn't as painful as I thought.
It really helps that Spencer comes home for lunch.
It breaks up his long days and it breaks up mine, too.
I have been keeping myself busy
doing various household chores.
Cooking, canning and walking at least an hour a day.
I try not to watch TV because I am afraid I will get sucked into 
the vortex which is Crappy Day Time Television.

However, on October 5
the first signs of homesickness reared its ugly head.
It was a a combination of things really,
three that I can think of.

It was Edolbina's 25th birthday.
It killed me not to be with her.
Thankfully we were able to speak on the phone twice.
(She and Angela helped me deal with the Wrong Bus Crisis of 2010)
But it also left me with a bit of a yucky feeling in my tummy.
I couldn't be there to help celebrate the birthday girl.
Not just any birthday girl, a birthday girl that LOVES her birthday.

Second is that my parents are away for the week.
Not that it has plummeted me into the depths of depression or anything.
They usually (or at least Dad has) gone the week before Thanksgiving 
for a while now. But I think it was the fact that I couldn't jut dial
them up to hear their voice or say hi. 
And with me already having the tingly sensation 
of wanting to go home,
well it just didn't help.

The third thing is that it's Thanksgiving this weekend.
Now, it's not Christmas...
But I think I realized this year I cherish the holiday more then I thought. 
Travis is coming home for dinner,
my grandparents will be at my parents.
The  thought of everyone gathered around a table
with a turkey, wine and the warmth of the fire
without us there makes me feel kind of....
left out?
I don't know if that is the right word.
We haven't been left out in the sense that
we've been forgotten about or intentionally uninvited.
Just ... not present.

I love holidays....
the traditions, the colours, aromas and the company.

If you think about,
please pray for me as I deal with being away from family this weekend.
I am SO thankful that Tyler (my brother in law) and Angela (one of my best friends)
will be driving down to see me on Tuesday for a few days!

Happy Holidays as your prepare for your feasts!

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