Christmas Is Coming...Whether You Like It Or Not

Did y'all know I have an ETSY SHOP ?

It's called "Michelle's Corner".
Mostly because the other names I wanted, were already taken, or others' had names that were too similar.

Right now I am selling cute and fun thumb tacks that have buttons on them.
I also have magnets with cool graphics that are magnified under a half marble.

They are a fun gift for a gift exchange game,
an extra little somethin' to go on top of a gift you already have.
Perfect for your cork board, fridge or locker.
Know a student who needs to jazz up his/her space?
A mom that needs to keep track of her receipts buy posting them up with really cute tacks?

Like my title says...Christmas is coming - whether you like it or not!
Stocking stuffer? 
I think so!

Swing on by "MICHELLE'S CORNER" and place your order!
There's a promotion on right now

"Gearing up for Christmas! Are you?  "
You'll have to visit to find out what that means.

If there is something you see that you like,
but it's not quite right...
email me and let me know.
I might be able to help you out.
I don't post all of my supply,
so I have more patterns and colours to offer you.
Email me and let me know what you are looking for.

Here are a few samples....

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