Way Behind

Hey everybody,
Wow, this week (I know, it's only Tuesday) has been busy so far.
I know it's bad, but today I didn't even THINK about eatting anything until we got to Whitt and Dave's for dinner.
One whiff of that roast and I was starving.
Spencer and I have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off 
trying to get everything finished.
This includes dentist appointments,
doctor's visits, etc.
all before my benefits are over.

Our little suit is looking pretty grim.
The cupboards are empty and the walls are bare. 
There is a mountain of boxes in the living room.
Kind of sad, I'm going to miss that place.

This afternoon I had an hour and a half to relax.
Whitt did my hair.
She gave my hair a bit more shape and took a lot of the weight off by thinning it.
I've never had a hairstyle like this before,
I quite like it.
You guys should check out her website.
If you live in Delta/Richmond - go get your hair done by her.
If you live in the Lower Mainland - make the drive out.
If you live abroad - save your Air Miles and get a great hair cut.
Seriously, one cut and style and you will be sold. ;)
Okay, I MAY be a bit biased, but seriously!

On another note:
I had been looking forward to this evening for so long.
Especially since things have gotten even more hectic the past week,
I thought to myself I would work had just to have that hour to sit and watch Glee.
All day I have been singing show tunes
(in my head, for the mercy of those around me)
and thinking about what's going to happen for the season premiere.
Then at 9 Whitt and I hunkered down and tuned in to channel 32
To our shock and horror -
They changed the time to 8:00!!!
Now I am just going to go to bed.
What else is there?
Somebody tell me please.

(I'm not a drama queen, am I?)
Here's my new do!
(Oh and the fabulous Whitt who did it!)

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    Also, if you go to www.greatstufftv.com, you can catch up on any Glee episodes you may have missed!


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