Canadian Weekend

Happy Weekend!
What are your plans?
Whitney and Dave are hosting a Going Away party for us this evening,
and this afternoon we are going to cheer on UBC as they play Manitoba for their Homecoming game.
We just finished a delicous breakfast that our dear friends Edolbina and Andrew made us.
Enjoying the rain today.

This is our LAST weekend as Canadians for the next few years. 
Well, we will be here for other weekends, but as visitors.
Feels kinda weird.

Here are some fun finds from the wonderful world wide web!

A wonderful bright kitchen.
Photo credit to the Seventy Tree blog

Whitney entered a contest on the Anne Taintor site and her picture was posted second!
Way to go Whitt!
photo credit to Whitney Dyck and Anne Taintor

ADORABLE little shoes.
Photo credit to Gypsy Rose Writes blog

Do you miss lazy summer days?
Has the busyness of the fall got you missing the warm sunshine?
Photo credit to Kelle Hampton

I just LOVE this hot water bottle cover!
Photo credit from Tea for Joy blog

Isn't this just so fun?
Photo credit to Style Me Pretty

A brilliant and cute way to store the clutter on the counters.
Now if only I could get my husband to actually put the keys INTO the jar....
Photo credit to Tea for Joy

Now how much do we love this little girl?
There are no words to describe.
Photo credit to Sharla Wilcox

Something about this just makes me love it.
Photo credit to Gypsy Rose Writes

These socks rock my socks.
The colours are so much fun!
They just call out cozy toes and a warm cup of tea.
Photo credit to Style Me Pretty




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  1. Love this post, Michelle! (especially the one of the little girl!) Hard to believe that the time has come for your move to Portland! All the best to both of you! I hope our paths cross soon!


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